This Just In: Linotype Master Drawings

Luke Freeman
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Really great article thought I’d share from Letterform Archive

Once threatened by dispersal, over 60,000 letter templates from the British Linotype company now have a home at Letterform Archive. Written by Stephen Coles


  • Stephen Coles
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    Thanks, Kent! I have been gathering info about how the drawings differ between the two companies. 

    I have also been wondering why some of the L&M drawings are right-reading. (See the Caledonia, Electra, and Metro in the blog post.) This does not seem to correspond to any specific period. This, unfortunately, is what made many of these individual drawings appealing to retail customers as wall art.
  • Kent Lew
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    I have no idea why some would be right-reading. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern among what you’ve posted (an admittedly small sample). But, for instance, the Electra italic is reverse, as I would have expected.