Spacing in the Cyrillic glyphs of PT Sans and Source Sans Pro

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I didn't find any special research on the spacing in the Cyrillic glyphs so I decided to share my observation on Cyrillic spacing in PT Sans and Source Sans Pro.

In all cases the spacing is shown as a percent of the basic spacing – Cyrillic uppercase Н and Cyrillic lowercase н. Further results will be shown also here. Over there you could find a much better preview of the pictures.


  • It seems you are talking % of sidebearings, but for some of these glyphs, they are asymmetric, and you give a single percentage. Looks like the Ze (З) is an exception, however.
  • Stefan PeevStefan Peev Posts: 92
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    Yes, I talk about the % of sidebearings of Cyrillic Н and н. I should like to notе that these are empirical data – they maybe true or not true (if I have make a mistake somewhere) only for PT Sans Regular and Source Sans Pro Regular. I do not try to claim that they cover any other humanistic sans Cyrillic font. However, I hope they are a step towards future generalizations.
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