German Script Assistance, Antique Melone / Bowler Hat



  • Sorry, these letterforms don’t tell me anything that might help with dating.
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    Florian,  Thank you for checking.  Here is a better photo of the sweatband.

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    Sorry, these letterforms don’t tell me anything that might help with dating.
    Florian, Sorry to bother you again.  Is the letter "L" (see above photo)?  I think this hat was made in Czechoslovakia.  Is there anything in the sweatband lettering that would show a non English source?   Thanks!
  • Sorry, no. If it were typographic letters, one could at least determine when and where they originated. These seem to be custom drawn. It’s not possible for me to say where they come from. The H with the vertical bar separating the two stems is a feature that is present in French school script, but that says nothing about the origin of this mark. Styles used in commercial art traveled widely.
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    Florian,  Thanks again!
  • I was hoping someone here could help me with this script (see photo).  Is it "Getes"?  This is from a German Felt Hat from the late 1950s early 1960s.  Thanks!

  • Hello Mr. Hutmann! Yes, it’s Getes. It stands for Georg Teufel (&) Sohn, Tuttlingen, maker of Herrenhüte since 1851. Here’s another logo variant.
  • Florian,  Thank you for the confirmation and hat company name. I have never encountered them before.  They don't come up on any of my lists. 
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    Hello Florian,  I hope all is well.  I am hoping you might be able to make out the hand written number under "Kopfweite" (see photo).  This is from ~ 1900 Vienna.

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    You mean the numeric value? I read 57. The roof of 5 is disconnected from the rest and makes it look like 3′7 a little. But 57 (cm) is a pretty standard value for Kopfweite, and corresponds to the UK measure of 7 inch.
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    Florian,  Thanks!  I wasn't sure if it was 57 because of the disconnected 5. Thank you for the verification.  Sometimes French Point Sizing is used so 57 would be French Point 5 and 58 cm would  be French Point 5 1/2 and so on.  
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    If the hat has "Extra Quality" under the Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom... could it have been imported from there? That would explain the size of the hatband being based on the inch without requiring the hat to be from a part of Germany still holding out against the metric system.
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    Florian,  I hope all is well.  I am hoping you might be able tell what time period this Josef Pichler & Sons, Graz paper bag is from.  The company that made the paper bag is Pojatzi - Graz.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Others are welcome too. :smile:


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