Forensic Fontology

I figured some might find the below interesting: The take away point is that font choice matters when trying to commit fraud.


  • Thomas Höggren
    Liked the article, Gracias. I shall be careful which fonts I use in my documents here on... :D
  • joeclark
    joeclark Posts: 122
    Please don’t paste in raw URLs, least of all with trackers appended.

    So-called moderators should be fixing all such postings on sight.
  • Russell McGorman
    There must be an army of fraudsters and charlatans out there who thought they could game the system with back-dated phoney documents set it fonts that didn't exist the the  time the documents were supposes to have originated. 

  • Paul Miller
    Paul Miller Posts: 273
    It's OK.  If someone notices you can always just edit Wikipedia to make it look as though the font was available at the time !  :D 
  • André G. Isaak
    @Paul Miller: Good Point. I'll be posting my original Magna Carta (typeset in Futura) on eBay shortly!