Any thoughts on this with regards to kerning, etc?

AbiRasheedAbiRasheed Posts: 238
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Trying to finalise this for a client and I'm not sure of the kerning. They want very generous tracking and as a result of that I kinda lost sight of kerning all together. Besides that are there any other issues with the letters? Only weird thing I've noticed is with the B which looks less heavy than the rest, same with L. Thanks for any feedback! Cheers


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    Craig EliasonCraig Eliason Posts: 1,400
    Look at the letters three at a time. To me, ...
    - BAI, A looks closer to I than to B
    -AIK, I looks closer to A than to K
    -IKH, pretty even
    -KHA, H looks closer to A than to K
    -HAL, looks even.
    L also looks relatively narrow, and top of K arm may be a bit weak.
    Is the I stem the same width as the others?--looks narrower than K's vertical. Could be an optical illusion from K's branching arm, but even if so, needs to be compensated for.
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    AbiRasheedAbiRasheed Posts: 238
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    @Craig Eliason hey thanks for the feedback and that was a total eye opener for some of what you mentioned. Here's a [link] to a gif with the changes. Let me know if this looks alright. Addressed kerning, increased arm on L a tad bit. Yep, that branching arm on the K was an illusion because of how thick it was around there, the stem on the K and I were the same initially but I dropped the stem width on K a tad bit. However, I dunno how else to fix the top arm for K, reducing width gives it way too much negative space, adding too much weight would look proportionally wrong I think so I frankly don't know how to address that one unless I redraw it like a normal K without branching from the bottom. Thanks again!
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