Books for beginners and those looking to get into Type Design

As we are aware in the type community, books on Type Design are published at such small numbers, they can go out of print then resold at a higher price. Being new to Type Design finding a book to learn from can be a challenge to get hold of.

During this year I have read 2 books on Type Design which encapsulate such books out of print.

Book 1
How to create typefaces: from sketch to screen
by Cristóbal Henestrosa (Author), Laura Meseguer (Author), José Scaglione (Author), Tipo e Editorial (Editor)
The book includes text extracts from Fred Smeijers Counterpunch and The stroke: theory of writing Gerrit Noordzij

Book 2
Type Tricks: Your Personal Guide to Type Design
by Sofie Beier

preview of the book


  • Thomas Phinney
    Thomas Phinney Posts: 2,807
    I think many good books on type design refer to other books. For example, both Karen Cheng's “Designing Type” and Stephen Moye's “Fontographer: Type by Design” recommend and reproduce the spacing approach suggested by Walter Tracy in “Letters of Credit.”
  • scannerlicker
    Well, not books, but you can have a look at my blog:

    And ask away, we're here to help. :)
  • jeremy tribby
    I recently read the English translation of "How to create typefaces: from sketch to screen" and think it is my favorite book for a beginner. It references good material and has plenty to say on its own.

    Frank Blokland's research at is useful too, I don't know if I've seen it cited yet in books.