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Vasil Stanev (Unused)
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Hi all,
I am going crazy with FF's obstinacy. I try and try to interpolate between two font weights (middle to come later), one time it works one time it doesn't, the Element/Interpolate option is blank although I have opened both fonts, and sometimes it works with no apparent logic; another time I use Tools/Simplepolate 2 Glyphs but FF allows me to copy-paste only the glyph from the one weight, not from the other... am I missing some vital info here? I read about it in the manual but it left me more confused.
Thank you in advance.


  • Vasil Stanev (Unused)
    edited June 2017
    Maybe I should rephrase the question: how can we best program FontForge to resolve conflicts when opening files worked previously upon? Every time I re-open a font I have worked on, it tells me it has some auto-saved version that I should open, even if I have manually saved it right before closing. 
  • Nikolaus Waxweiler
    You're facing one big problem: FF is hardly maintained (and even harder to maintain I hear) and filled to the brink with weirdness and bugs. I have given up on it. Trufont is too early in development though... Regarding interpolation, you can try to export your files in the UFO format and use designspace files and fontmake to interpolate. See e.g. for an example. It's more cumbersome than getting a nice preview in a font editor, but it's better than dealing with FF's quirks.

  • Vassil Kateliev
    I would kindly suggest that you do yourself a favor and buy either FontLab or Glyphs... 
  • Dave Crossland
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    > how can we best program fontforge...

    By contributing to trufont or Metapolator to make fontforge obsolete