Ochre on the punch's face when hardening

Ramiro EspinozaRamiro Espinoza Posts: 839
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Hi there,

I his video Stan Nelson protects with ochre the face of the punch while heating it with the torch to avoid 'burning' it.  
Do you have more specific information about this paint. Where can I order it?



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    Jens KutilekJens Kutilek Posts: 339
    You should be able to get ochre pigment at any art supplies store. I have no idea what would be the best solving agent to mix paint to protect the punch. Surely not oil. Oil paint dries too slowly.
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    Not heard of this before, although my experience is limited, at the Imprimerie National, the heating is controlled in an oven, this gives an even temperature through the punch, these methods have become more scientific over the years, they still use a blow torch to soften the Copper, (remember Copper becomes work hardened and usually loses its softness after about two years, if in doubt re-soften before driving your punch). 
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