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Hey everyobody!

I'm Cristi Bordeianu, from Romania. I recently started working as a graphic designer and my whole focus and love goes to type design. This typeface is my first 'serious' attempt on making a typeface, in the past only focusing on hand lettering.
This is display geometric sans typeface that i've been working for a while that has two weights so far: Regular and Black, interpolation being the next step. 
I would love to get your feedback/critiques on this typeface/s, considering that feedback is a really important thing in this phase. Please take a look on the PDF attached below.
Thank you in advance for any word i would get from you and i'm proud to be a part of this community


  • Craig EliasonCraig Eliason Posts: 1,398
    For a geometric face I'd usually expect terminals to end either in horizontal, vertical, or perpendicular cuts. The pointy ends of your C seem out of character.

    Heavy weights of styles that are monolinear and geometric are really tricky. Notice how /e/ looks so clotted next to the open bowl of /d/. To create balance, once the weight gets really thick it becomes imperative to think about the letters as patterns of black and white *area* (rather than just as black *strokes*). So you may want to fudge things like thinning the crossbar of /e/ (just as you're already thinning the joins of /n/ and /d/). (In addition, note that the bold /e/ looks like it's sticking its outstroke out much more than the lighter weight's /e/.)
  • Chris DChris D Posts: 76
    edited June 2017
    I'm definately getting vibes of Museo Sans from it - particularly from the lowercase. The numerals are also reminiscent of Myriad Pro. (I'm not implying that you've copied those designs, but merely discussing what they resemble to me).

    Believe me I know how hard it is to design something that doesn't resemble something else... but I would suggest adding some personal touches to it that start to move it away from those associations. Maybe study those two fonts and see what you can do to take yours in a different direction.

    For instance you could put a slight tilt on the /e to relax it a bit? Like so:

    Also your numerals seem to be a very different proportion to the other letterforms. I would suggest widening them a bit more to make everything gel.

  • CristiBordeianuCristiBordeianu Posts: 3
    edited June 2017
    Hey guys! Thanks so much for your feedback, really means a lot to me. It really is important to see/hear other opinions.
    @Craig Eliason, i get what you're saying, especially with the /C/, it 'cuts through my eye' a little bit and will try to fix that issue, also you're totally right about the balance of the heavier face- needs retouching. When it comes to terminals, i only had in mind for the letters to open up nicely to the round ones(ex:tle- in image) that succeed 'em; i'll see how i can fix that.
    @Chris Drabsch, you have a really good point, i have to admit that. Hope i'll find some different 'character' to add to the typeface. Also, the numerals are from the Myriad Pro. Forgot to change them (silly me), considering that i used the "Sample_proof_zip" from the "Read this before posting a new critique thread" and change the text with my font. I'll update the PDF now.

    Thanks again for your time.

  • Chris DChris D Posts: 76
    The numerals look nice!
  • So happy to hear that. Thank you, @Chris Drabsch!
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