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Since about a year ago, I owed a favour to a calligrapher friend, and the opportunity to pay him back didn't occur, so I decided to offer him that I will create a font for him from one of his designs. We picked one, he sent me a nice sketch of the letter-forms, and we're proofing it now, and will release it soon in 4 weights.

The whole process went so fast and smooth, thanks to my skills with Fontark of course, that this crazy idea came up in my mind...

I want to offer my font creation skills to you type designers.
I can create incredibly fast, simple to medium complexity, typefaces, from a sketch to a working OTF.

If you have a new/old idea for a font, you can send over to me almost any level of sketch of it (hand drawn or not, partial letters, a solid idea, etc'), and I'll send you a draft font of it, and you'll guide me further to the point you'd like to take over it and finish and market it.

The target I see in my mind is me supplying you 2-3 weights of your font in a decent finishing level, and you will take it to perfection and produce it yourselves.

The terms of my service... 

I will not claim any creative rights for the fonts I help building, and will protect your creative rights (not showing it to anyone etc') zealously.

Commission -  The commission for this service is entirely up to you! 
Although I don't grant I will accept any work, at any time, I leave it all up to you to decide how much or how you will pay me for this service.

You can send me even things to do just to test the quality of my work without intention to pay at all. I also help a lot for free, and in any case that I accept a job I don't expect a certain payment, so anything you'll find proper by your exclusive criteria will be accepted and appreciated by me. 

Feel free to comment or ask questions here, of even ask a public test or whatever.
If you'd like me to do something for you in private, feel free to message me.

This offer is open for anyone! Personal, Independent, corporate, galactic...
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