My first serif

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Hello all,
this is a text font that started as a FL blend between Calisto and Ariel. It turned out surprisingly well and I decided to refine the blend. I would like to get some critique on the basic Latin before proceeding with kerning and other development. Thank you in advance.


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    I do like the general direction - in particular the /Q is really attractive. My only criticism would be that I think it's a bit too heavy for setting as paragraph text. It looks good for headlines and shorter sentences however.

    If you wanted to, you could create a custom "Book" style for setting paragraphs in, something that was optimised for 12pt or lower for instance. The key with that is to design something that's as neutral and evenly coloured as possible to avoid distracting the reader. Sounds boring I know but it's actually a pretty exciting challenge when you think about it. I would also consider reducing the weight overall by 5-10% as a starting point.

    Ultimately it's your decision to do that, and it depends on the brief you've set for yourself if there is one. By that I mean, did you set out to create a font for a particular purpose, or is this more of a exploration / experiment that will find it's purpose later on?
  • Is this meant as a learning exercise?
  • Chris thank you
    Hrant no
  • I don't think you should distribute such a derivation of commercial fonts.
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    Why? It doe not resemble them anymore and will change further. I'm confused.
  • The effort that went into making the exact bézier curves is not public domain.

    Make it from scratch.
  • I understand now. It did not occur to me that I was infringing, honestly. Will take the road You suggested when I have the feet. BR
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