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I am new to TypeDrawers. I have just had a group project at school where we had to make a magazine. We chose to make one on green technology, and I offered to make our wordmark because I hope to do type design and lettering. I have been inspired by Museo Slab and Didot. I have used Adobe Illustrator and Glyphs. I was wondering if anyone would give constructive criticism. I am self-taught on what I know about type design and lettering because it is not something that is popular in Denmark. Thank you! :smile: 



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    Hi Mads,

    Welcome! Here my two cents, hope it helps.

    /R stands out, looks heavy and possibly wide... you might want to compensate the stem on the left as well as top bowl to make these a touch lighter. In other words, I'd try to insert more white inside the letter. Also, not sure if the type of curve you drew match the concept. Perhaps something more mechanical would fit better.

    /T looks a bit weak, you could try to make top serifs longer.

    Bear in mind that the you can compensate the length of the serifs here and  there, they don't need to be always the same. Look at the white gap on the top of /V. It looks successful to me. Try to replicate that for /R and /X so that they look the same, optically. 

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    Thank you! And I agree with your critique.

    I checked to see the width of Didot’s <R>, and it had the same measurements on its vertical stem, its bowl and its tail. I thought you had to use the same measurements?

    I am not used to using serifs; I thought if they were of different lengths, they would be unbearably inconsistent.

    Thanks again! Now I am going back to Glyphs!
  • Updated version!  :)

  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,956
    I like it. R is still overly heavy. Don’t be afraid to reduce the left stroke weight to make it work. I agree with Rafael about the T looking weak. I’ve got a wonderfully unfinished typeface collecting digital dust for the same reason. Caryle and Oring handled this by adding weight to serifs that attach to the light stems:

  • @James Puckett
    Thank you. I have reduced the weight on the right side after studying Birra from Darden Studio. I have to think about what I will do with the <T>.
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