Font Book's secret: "Save Report" will help you finding what's wrong with the font validation


I just discovered this not too long ago...
I searched for something like this before, but nobody was talking about it so I'm posting it here as it looks like nobody knows...! I hope you'll like it.
  • Open the font with the Font Book app
  • "Install"
  • Wait for the validation error message
  • Menu: "File" > "Save Report..."

The report is in fact a simple ".plist" that can be opened in text mode or with Xcode.

It can help figuring out why the validation didn't pass but it is complimentary with `ftxvalidator` that is a lot more verbose.


  • Wonderful, thanks! Also be aware that some of those results seem to get cached pretty deeply, so reinstalling fonts seems to not always update changes in this preview (not sure about the actual report you pointed out), although a new file version might actually fix an issue.
  • Also, I couldn't find this link about fixing font caching issues when I was replying, but thought of it - and now found it.
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