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It was a conclusion between staffs that as we are not experts in specialized font development and design, there has to be continuous updates and developments in the future. First of all, we completed the first font design of [Fax sans-body], and the file of the beta version for Fax opening issue. After we finish the first font development project of the [Fax sans-body] version that will be upgraded based on the feedbacks from the free distribution of [Fax sans-beta] as an open source, we are planning to proceed with the project to produce the font that is used in the logo types and titles with [Fax sans-body] as the basis, and after that will be the second [Fax sans-head] type development.

It might be seen to be somewhat subjective because it was planned within the category of the common English type which is the standard we will be using, instead of having all of too many Latin alphabets, complicated functions, and unnecessary special characters. Even after the completion, when the feedbacks of needs/requests are gathered enough, we are planning to upgrade it by each stage.

​We think that the Futura font, which has a high quality and has been establishing various series for a long time, is a great font along with Helvetica. We redesigned our font based on the very own plans and conceptions of Fax, referring to Futura typography which I personally like as a designer. We intended to make the characteristic personality of the typography by minimizing curves and carefully adjusting circles/straight lines, and it also shows the distinct preciseness and neatness of a graphic designer. The sense of balance that is refined without the excessiveness is its biggest characteristic. requests are gathered enough, we are planning to upgrade it by each stage.

Thank you for reading, you can also download to the Fax sans beta by open-source.

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