A head.indexToLocFormat = 2 for TTCs with >65535 glyphs?

Belleve InvisBelleve Invis Posts: 269
edited April 2017 in Technique and Theory
Considerations are:
  • There are seldom font would directly use >65535 glyphs, but a family would.
  • If a font family is distributed in a TTC then we usually merge the GLYF table to share glyphs.
  • So if the sum of total distinct glyphs goes beyond 65535, a fix would be about using a new format about `loca` table for TT outline, and use some bits trict in CFF?


  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 2,746
    You will have to explain why you think your first point is true, because in my experience, character sets are usually similar or even identical across family members. (Modulo roman vs italic differences.)
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