Quador – a squarish serif



  • They'll be mostly seen next numerals. That doesn't mean they are numerals but that's who they'll be hanging with. Surround your currency symbol with numerals and the answer will be clear. Like this: $0$1$2$3$4$5$6$7$8$9$
  • How does the cy-Italic look to you?

  • About the Cyrillic letter /б have in mind the excellent article of Gayaneh Bagdasaryan – A Look at the Cyrillic Letter „б“.

  • The counter of /ы and friends feels too small. It also feels like the letters have different slant, for example, in абв |б is more upright.
  • Quador is now released on myfonts and I wish to thank you all for your help and critics! My very special thanks go to Christian Thalmann for his engagement and proposals! I learned a lot and realized that you are never finished in learning type design.
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