CFF table Error report

Hello everybody,

I need advice about a problem that i can't figure out how to solve it.

I sent a font to a site and they replied to me they cannot accept the file because:

"OTSanitizer report: Process start (TTF file) ProcessGeneric start Validating font Reading font OTS ERROR::CFF: Failed validating charstring set 0 OTS ERROR::CFF : failed to parse table Process end Failed to sanitise file! Font failed OT Sanitizer check Issues in the font file: CFF table error, failed to parse table Issues in the font file that can be fixed using OTScrubber : There was a problem with the structure of the 'CFF ' table"

They find some kind of problem with CFF table. How can i scan a file to find this type of problem? and how can ai solve it?

Thank you 


  • Most likely your font editing software generated a corrupt font. OTSanitizer is very strict, and seems to reject more and more "slightly incorrect" fonts with every new update. Personally I think it is a good thing, but it would be nice if they would let us know about this, so we can update our font editor if needed.

    I suggest you either ensure you are using the latest version of the font editor, or contact the company who made it, so they can fix it.
  • The current Font Validator does check CFF table. Have a go and see. You want the dmg for mac, and net4 zip for windows. The CFF test is platform-independent, so if you are on linux, get the net4 zip also, and run it with mono. Font Validator/
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