a Geometric Sans


Stainless steel just seems to resonate with Art Deco and Art Moderne architecture. Apologies to Font Bureau, who already have a 'Stainless'.


  • Apologies to Font Bureau, who already have a 'Stainless'.
  • Russell McGormanRussell McGorman Posts: 250
    edited January 2013
    Yes I already said that. Thank you. It is a *working* title - Just because I like things to have names and 'Stainless' works well with the Art Moderne style owing to the frequent use of stainless steel as an architectural accent. It will be published under a completely different name - which I'll share at that time. My reason for posting this here wasn't to discuss the fake title in the poster.
  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 1,980
    The S is a bit cramped at the top. Check out Erbar-Grotesk to see it done right.
    Strange proportions (e.g. /M, /W) OK, but not asymmetry.
  • Thanks, Nick.

  • I don't get the /T/. Has it actually been shaved off at the top?
  • 'T': Craig, Perhaps what you are seeing might be due to the image resolution and juxtaposed glyphs than the its actual shape of the top of the letter.

  • So is the T in actuality shorter than the H?
  • no. exactly the same height
  • /a/ and /d/ could use a bit more optical compensation where the rounds join the straight vertical.
  • Were the signs on which this was based caps only?
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