"W. A. Dwiggins: A Life in Design"

In case you still haven't heard:

William Addison Dwiggins was a genius, and I don't use that term lightly. This is a much-needed book that apparently took 14 years to complete.

The promotional price of $79 for the book will expire in about two days.

A note on shipping outside the US: it's very expensive. An option was added to ship two copies for the same shipping cost, if you can find a buddy to order with.


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    Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,458
    Glad to see they made their bidding total!  [I love the smell of books in the morning]
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    John SavardJohn Savard Posts: 1,091
    Caledonia is a very popular typeface; one very tiny footnote to the career of W. A. Dwiggins that few people know is this: the symbols "dek" and "el", used for a while by the Duodecimal Society of America (now the Dozenal Society of America), and which received sufficient public notice that they appeared in a "new math" textbook I used in junior high, were designed by W. A. Dwiggins.
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    Josh_FJosh_F Posts: 52
    While expensive, it is nice to see it being printed in the States. I'm always so jealous of my European friends, specifically Dutch, that domestically have access to fantastic printers and binderies.
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