UFO to TTF for Webfonts


I was wondering what your average process looks like for generating webfonts. Is there a good way to generate preliminary TTF Files from your instance UFOs (possibly on the command line, so things can be automated), that can then serve as a basis for hinting before being distributed?

Checking out some Font Repos on Github (Roboto and Source Sans for instance) showed that everybody seems to do this differently, so I was wondering about best practices.

Cheers from Germany,


  • Dave Crossland
    Dave Crossland Posts: 1,395
    There's 2 basic options: AFDKO from Adobe, and fontmake from Google. Both will ingest UFO and output TTF. 
  • Lucas Dino Nolte
    Thanks Dave, but how would such a workflow look than (what functions/scripts would you use)? From what I understood about AFDKO it can make open type TTF Files from a ttf source. I am looking for a way to generate said ttf source from a UFO file.