Font Modification

I know this get's brought up a lot here. 

Working on a project to modify a font in Illustrator(add on serifs) for a pitch proposal, would like to know if this compromises the Font-Bureau EULA. Source

We are willing to get in contact with Font-Bureau to ask for an the rights. Whats the best approach? in this situation. 


  • Simon Cozens
    Just to clarify, are you modifying the font (ie there will be a new font file produced with your changes) or are you modifying the font's output (hitting "Create Outlines" and messing with the paths)? I think there's a material difference between the two. IANAL but I wouldn't count the second as modifying the font since the outlines are no longer reusable.
  • Luke Freeman
    Kinda of both, adding serifs to the existing font. More to do with "Create Outlines" and adding messing the paths and adding serifs. 
  • It doesn't matter what you change, the point is if the end-result is a font or not. (Some EULAs actually do proscribe even converted-to-outline modification, but thankfully those are pretty rare.)
  • Wes Adams
    Wes Adams Posts: 59
    Reaching out is the right approach. It's conceivable the designer will make the changes you need, which will likely produce the best result. 
  • Hrant Հրանդ Փափազեան Papazian
    Just cross your fingers they're not a gollum. (I don't think FB is.)

    BTW, I think it's interesting to consider this: