Google Fonts freelance font engineering remote contract (summer 2017)

This year Google Fonts is improving the quality of its collection, with a focus on bug fixing and automating update processes.

Freelance type designers who are familiar with writing Python programs to manipulate fonts with fonttools, enjoy writing documentation, and doing graphic web design, are encouraged to apply for a competitively compensated 3-month remote contract (over the summer.)

To learn more, email me at dcrossland@google.com


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    I wouldn't object to somebody (or me) spending some time uptreaming the new rasterisation backend of FontVal and creating a python binding to that freetype diagnostics code on the way, and share it with fonttools. It is just that I would not move it away from being FontVal-friendly, which is what I am afraid of if I put the code out in the open too early.
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    Dave CrosslandDave Crossland Posts: 1,395
    Thanks for the suggestion Hin-Tak :) Rasterisation bugs are not high on my agenda, though =)
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