Should curved strokes end at the same height?

These are taken from a Hebrew typeface I'm working on, so there are no Latin letters. Anyhow, notice the inconsistency in the curved strokes: each ends at a different height. Would you say that's a problem?


  • No, it's not a problem. These glyphs have very different internal white spaces and require different degrees of intrusion by those curved strokes to look balanced.
  • Ori Ben-DorOri Ben-Dor Posts: 383
    Well, luckily the euro and the dollar signs aren't likely to follow each other as they do here, but suppose they were (or imagine they were C and S), doesn't it look bad that their strokes end almost at the same height but not exactly?
  • Basically it's a matter of thresholds: when they're close "enough", snap them; but don't make that an objective of itself.
  • Ori Ben-DorOri Ben-Dor Posts: 383
    Sounds like a reasonable approach, thanks. Would you snap my euro/dollar signs, for example?
  • Yes. If I didn't make the curves in the $ much shorter.
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