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Hi guys, 
Just FYI: I'm new to Glyphs and have zero experience with Phyton. I'm just a type designer hoping to find an alternative to FontForge (unstable) and Fontographer (stuck in the past), one that lets me focus on design instead of getting lost in programming/coding. 
I'm currently working on a Sans library font and use 30-day trials of Glyphs and Robofont before I decide which app to invest in. 

When trying to generate/compile Feature in "Features" I get error messages like the following:

> Error: "syntax error at "]" [features.fea 49" in Class Cedilla in line: 2

I have no idea what to do with that. Some sort of syntax error, obviously, but I don't understand where these issues came from nor how to solve these errors or even less how to prevent them in the future.

I'd appreciate some help here! Thanks in advance!


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    George ThomasGeorge Thomas Posts: 634
    edited March 2017
    The Glyphs forum is the best way to get help with the error. Very supportive developer, staff and users there. ==> https://forum.glyphsapp.com/
    ...that lets me focus on design instead of getting lost in programming/coding.
    Given what you wrote, Glyphs2 is absolutely the best choice for you.

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