Type Idea Sketches

Hello everyone! Lots of new faces.

I've been sketching some font ideas out, but I haven't digitized anything because I don't have experience yet. I'd like some critique on these ideas, though.
1.2.3. Semimonospaced, not monoline.4. Condensed poster style4. My text font idea with.5. More like #3, and a very small point size doodle.6. Humanist sans.7. Funkalicious fatface + hairline

What should I change?
Which ones are worth continuing?

Thanks everyone  :)


  • To me #5 has the most potential, in its idiosyncratic valuation of the white. Also, the "f" in #1 and the "a" in #3 are interesting seeds I think.

  • I found the «gg bdpq fgh» in 3. rather striking; it resonates with the Zeitgeist of horizontal emphasis experimentation.

    I also liked the text font idea (4.) quite a lot, in both optical sizes. The lower version with its supershort ascenders ventures into a less crowded area of the parameter space, which might come in handy in making your typeface stand out in the market. I'm not fond of the Meta-style truncated half-tail on /a and /d — but that may just be a matter of personal taste.
  • Ray LarabieRay Larabie Posts: 1,358
    I like #1 if you're going to keep it loose like that.
  • I also like #1 the most. I think it could be developed into a really great font!
  • Avi ZimetAvi Zimet Posts: 4
    edited June 2017

    This is a sketch for like caption sized font, I don't know if I will continue it. The x-height was drawn at 1/4 inch so there are some mistakes.

    Also I have not worked on #1, but the inspiration from it came from a mix between a Garamond and the Marker Felt that comes on Macs.

    The stuff below is a couple weeks of sketching. It was not perfectly scanned (I did it with a phone app) so there are some errors like the /g being disconnected in set 9. Anyway as always feel free to take these and trace them yourself and use them for inspiration, I doubt I have the time or patience to complete a full font.

    Style set 9, traced

  • Avi ZimetAvi Zimet Posts: 4
    Can I get some feedback on this? It is designed for a caption size.
  • Craig EliasonCraig Eliason Posts: 1,367
    I'd be more generous with the sidebearings overall.
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