Left alignment of accented Greek uppercase letters

Minion Pro composes accented Greek uppercase letters (e.g. Ἓ or Ἧ) anchor-like: The base glyph keeps its position and the accent is added to the left. However, these glyphs will protrude beyond the left margin when they are typeset (the following HA's are aligned left):

(left: Minion Pro, right: Segoe UI)

Many fonts (e.g. Segoe UI) shifts the base glyph to right in order to prevent such protrusion.
What would you recommend: Going the Minion Pro way or going the Segoe UI way?

(What are the advantages of the Minion Pro way?)


  • John Hudson
    John Hudson Posts: 3,039
    Definitely the Segoe way. I'm surprised to see Minion Pro still looking that way; do you know what version of the fonts you have? Spacing like that not only causes the accent to hang in the margin (which is okay), but causes problems between words within a line.

    Check out more recent Adobe fonts with polytonic support, e.g. Arno:

  • Linus Romer
    Thank you, John! I would prefer the Segoe way, too. My Minion Pro version is 2.000 (sfnt revision 2.03), which is probably outdated.