Sound + fonts

Watching this I couldn't help but think of @Frank Grießhammer's Box Drawing presentation at TypeCon Portland where he presented ASCII art (or was it Box Drawing Art?) and LettError's Panchromatic Hybrid Style Selector. We have color fonts, wind fonts, and variable fonts, obviously we need sound fonts next. And taste fonts and smell fonts. :wink:


  • That reminds me of the "experiments" in the 90s that translated keystrokes into sounds. There was an issue of Emigre about that sort of thing. And at least one entry into last year's protoType competition attempted it too.
  • Simon Cozens
    Just van Rossum's Atypi2016 talk was this sort of thing, wasn't it?
  • Dyana Weissman
    I KNEW something like this was already out there. I missed this one. Thanks for sharing.
  • It's been out there for a while.
  • James Puckett
    I’d rather that variable font parameters be controlled by sound. Seems like something Andy Clymer could do in an afternoon.