[OTVar] Introducing Decovar

Google Fonts has commissioned a second variable font project, a sans serif dubbed "Decovar," from Font Bureau. 

Similar to Amstelvar (discussed in http://typedrawers.com/discussion/1942/otvar-introducing-amstelvar) this is the brainchild of David Berlow, and continues to push the envelope of OpenType 1.8. Another blog post introducing the project - https://www.typenetwork.com/brochure/decovar-a-decorative-variable-font-by-david-berlow/ - includes some fun toys to see how the various axes can be combined. 

Again, its all on Github to take a full look inside, and the repo includes pre-release build files which are not guaranteed to be good for anything other than an early peek inside during development: https://github.com/TypeNetwork/fb-Decovar


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