TypeTogether is hiring

TypeTogether is looking for an experienced font engineer in a part-time capacity. The expected working time is about 20h per week. This is a rare opportunity to join the TypeTogether family in a permanent position. We pride ourselves boosting strong inter-personal relations and encouraging a fun yet challenging working environment.

Description of work:

1.  Font (desktop & web) post production: development, revision and testing of font files: includes OpenType feature coding, matrics, header and naming tables, troubleshooting and software performance control.

2. Technical support: verify and fix reported issues about font performance.

3. Communication and reporting: Collaborate with the design and quality assurance team on the creation of procedures and processes to streamline font development.

The applicant should be proficient in Fontlab and Glyphs with optional experience in Robofont, Python, VTT, VOLT.

Skills in type design drawing are desired but not required.

The applicant should speak good english and work independently and reliably in an international team of fun and motivated people.

If interested please send you applications to info@type-together.com including a resumé and salary expectations.



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