OpenType 1.8.1 errata

Last week, we posted an erratum (for both OT1.8 and OT1.8.1) regarding a serious technical error in the 'avar' chapter: a reserved uint16 field has been added to the version 1.0 header before the axisCount field. 

This week, another, not quite as serious error was reported in the 'avar' table chapter: the description of the SegmentMaps record does not clearly reflect that axisValueMaps is an array. An erratum for this will be posted.


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    We just posted two new errata:

    1. The gvar chapter had an incomplete specification of how to calculated inferred deltas when a contour point doesn't have explicit deltas.

    2. The CFF2 chapter inadvertently had a maxstack operator introduced, but it's not necessary and will be removed to simplify implementations.

    Both are noted in the errata page, but complete spec corrections will be reflected in the next version of the spec.

    See the errata page for details.
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