Inverste Slant / Italic font modification


I am not a font designer. I hope I post my question in the right category.

I have researched inverste slanted / italic fonts on the internet with unfortunately little success

I am writing a lot of technical documents which I then safe as PDF file. Due to financial and legal limitations I try to use only open source or any other license free fonts. I try also to reduce the use of Windows supplied fonts or fonts that one can download from various web pages as "free font" as well.

I have been trying to find a simple to use tool or script that allows me to convert a font file (ttf, otf) into reverse italic o reverse slant. As an example see the below font set which also contains a Rev font.

For example I would like to use the Fira font and add also a reverse italic / slant ttf or otf versions of the font to my Windows system so that any application can use that font.

The reason is that I want to standardise my documents to use as little fonts as possible.

I was unable to find anything that would allow me to complete the task and not become a burden to anybody who can do this for me for free.

I know of Font Forge but do not have the necessary skills to use it.

Many thanks for your kind help and assistance.




  • Ray Larabie
    Ray Larabie Posts: 1,386
    I think TransType is your best bet. There's almost zero learning curve.
  • Thank you very much, Ray. I will give this a try!
  • Thank you very much, Ray, this did work. I believe that  I need Font Forge to change the PS font name.
  • Ray Larabie
    Ray Larabie Posts: 1,386
    In TransType, after you run the slant filter, select the resulting font and open the the font info tab. Compare with the original unfiltered font and you'll see which parameters were changed when you ran the filter. You'll see that the styling group is set to italic or bold italic. You should change the styling group to Regular or Bold so it doesn't conflict with existing italics in the family. Change the style to Blackslant or whatever you like. That will update the PS name.

    If you're getting conflicts in larger families, a last resort would be to add Backslant to the family name and set everything else the same as the original font.
  • Thank you very much, Ray and sorry for the late reply!