Not too expensive printer for testing font printing

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I dont know if this is the good section where to write this messages.

Has somebody here some experience about a not too expansive printer for testing my fonts printing ?

And perhaps a question about paper qualities could it added to this request ?

Thanks you for any replies and have a nice year end,



  • Rafael SaraivaRafael Saraiva Posts: 33
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    I'm happy with Xerox Phaser 3320; It has hi-res double sided printing and PS3 emulation. I also have another Phaser at home: 3250DN, also very good. But the latter is no longer sold.
  • It depends on your purpose. Note in particular that ps3 emulation does not necessarily mean "genuine adobe". Some are merely running a 3rd party emulator, which will defeat your purpose if you want genuine adobe rendering.

    Note also that some printers' ps3 emulation is provided by ghostscript embedded in the firmware - you may be better off (at least financially...) just running ghostscript.

    Disclaimer: I have write access to ghostscript's code base and do stuff, some commercial/proprietary, occasionally for them also. That _some_ printers have ghostscript built-in is not secret information, but I think _which_ is, so I should stop now.
  • I’ve been using a cheap ($120) Lexmark laser printer for five years and never had trouble with the postscript emulation. I’ll have to replace it this year because the rollers are getting old and sticky, but I’ve never had trouble with the print quality. 
  • Thanks a lot for this very complete information ! I hope I will be able to acquire this kind of machine this year.
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