Suggestion for an additional rule

Here's an idea:

If you are advocating the use/purchase of a product/design of your own making, mention that you are the designer/developer. That way, it might become easier for people to see who is making a recommendation based on perceived merits, and who are trying to sell their own stuff.


  • Khaled Hosny
    What if you are advocating your own free stuff?
  • @Khaled Hosny Same difference, since so much libre design is quite like free drug samples...
  • Jasper de Waard
    Jasper de Waard Posts: 618
    edited December 2016
    @Khaled Hosny You're right. I should rephrase. It is not so much about the money being earned, as it is about the value of someones advice. If someone asks for advice on typedrawers on some matter, I think it becomes easier to evaluate that advice if its relation with the advisor is clear. Plus, it's not much to ask is it?
  • Igor Freiberger
    I agree with Jasper. Just to make clear how I see that: recommendation from font designer/developer is not less valuable than other people's. It can be technical and elucidative. But it is relevant to know the link between person and subject to avoid any misunderstanding. A user vision differs from the creator vision and it is useful to know that. Besides this, the information may favors future support as it can promote better customer relationship.
  • James Hultquist-Todd
    I’ll bring this idea up to the rest of the moderation team.