• ArtStudio allows desktop fonts to be used in itself. It does NOT make them available to other apps in iOS.
  • OK. Still interesting.
  • I know the vector drawing apps (iDraw, inkpad, TouchDraw) allow that, too.
  • Like a good library of clipart, a large collection of fonts is an important tool in any designer's tool chest.
    The first sentence just made my day.
  • I don't like clip art, but I do think fonts are similar. Clip art : Illustration :: Fonts : Lettering

    On topic, I don't see a problem with using fonts in this way. It wouldn't violate my EULA.
  • I agree Mark, but why would Apple hide this then? It seems an otherwise unknown backdoor unless they have some larger implementation strategy . . .

    The way I read the tutorial is that as long as you have access to the fonts via a cloud, you need only sync to that cloud to gain access to them if the App being used has the code to suck 'em in . . .

    The only problem I see is that there's no telling how many other folks are able to access that same Dropbox.
  • Mark SimonsonMark Simonson Posts: 1,595
    edited November 2012
    I would guess that this is something that needs to be supported specifically in an app. Not so much that Apple hid it, more like someone figured out it was possible.

    As for the Dropbox danger, the same thing is possible with desktop os's/apps, in effect.
  • Stuart: That's another app that allows you to import fonts... for that app only. Same kind of deal, though it's nice to see some apps doing this.

    It's one of several major limitations of the iPad as a general computing device, all symptoms of it being so locked down. No doubt it is good for system stability and security, but it sucks for power and flexibility.
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