PLAU Introduces Odisseia: a Monospace Type Family in 8 styles

Odisseia is a humanist sans monospace type family.

The family consists of Light, Regular, Bold and Black + Italics.

Odisseia sets a little shorter in comparison with other monospaced fonts. The x-height is rather large.
Before making it, I didn't quite know how versatile a monospace could be.

This is our first release with Universal Licensing (exclusively at Plau's site): one single price for desktop/webfonts/ebook.

We designed a cool launch site for it at

And if you like getting to know more about the process, here's a Medium post:

Thanks and join the mission :)


  • Adam JagoszAdam Jagosz Posts: 664
    The ampersand is rather lovely!
    About the video: I'm kind of disappointed. I was expecting something more exciting—but maybe that's because and idea of a typographic music video or something has been haunting me recently.
  • Thanks for the pointer Adam :)
    I guess I have to up my video skills. The idea was to play on the opening sequence of the Space Odyssey itself. Promise to work harder next time!
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