Grayed thumbnails in glyphs, why?!

My font window in Glyphs highlights some letters with a gray color as if there is no vector in the glyph, while there is (b, c, k, u in the image) It's not causing any problem (at least so far) but I'm wondering why it's happening. 

I'm relatively new to Glyphs, so apologies if it's a basic question! 
Thank you!



  • That's not what the grey background means, otherwise /K for example would have to have it too. My guess is that it marks the glyphs that have been changed since the last save, or something similar.
  • It's correct: As mentioned above, the grey background marks glyphs which were changed since you have last saved. You'll see the background disappear when saving.
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    "a gray color as if there is no vector in the glyph"

    Well from your image, K L M etc. don't have vectors and they don't have a grey background. As said above, it shows glyphs that were modified so I assume you did some kind of changes to the glyphs on the bottom rows (even though they are empty, as soon as you make a change it will highlight the glyph, unless you undo all changes).
  • Thank you guys, that's right :)
    I just created those number and punctuation glyphs and that's why they were gray.
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    These things are documented in the Glyphs Handbook, a free download from
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