Prokrastina Sans

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Hi everybody, this is my first post here! I'm a Graphic Design student from Malmö Sweden who recently found that making fonts is really fun!

I've have worked with this as a personal project for the last past month or so. I wanted to create a functionalist looking typeface with a personal and modern touch. The intended use is for headings. I started out with the Bold version, and worked my way down to Light. 
This is my first major typeface project, so i'm not an expert with the software ( Glyphs ) but i'm learning quick.
I posted this on reddit/r/typography, because i felt like i was done working on it. But someone gave me some good feedback and told me to post it here!

I want to make this font perfect so give me any feedback you can come up with!


I attached a folder with more images and detail on each weight.


  • Funny name :)
    can u share a dbfolder with pics?
    cant view zips on the phone
  • I would suggest a more urban sounding name. This name sounds like Kroatian to me. And next time, just upload a large pdf with everything in it to typedrawers, and maybe a picture to draw peoples attention.

    The round parts seem to be based on 'perfect' circles which makes them look a bit like diagonal lines, so try to make them a bit 'fuller' (extend the handles) if that makes sense.

    The joints between rounds and straights, for example in the stem of n, look rather dense, so try thinning the curved part there.

    I don't often recommend this, but maybe you could put the middle horizontal bar in the caps at the same height (optically) for each glyph. So, raise the bar in A for example.

    The u should be narrower than n to look the same width. Also, I'm not a big fan of the small tail. 

    Make sure each glyph has the same squareness. For example, the O is now rounder than the G. Same with m and n.

    The spacing in the spacing strings in the pdf should be much looser. Don't save spacing to do later, you have to continually keep adjusting the spacing of glyphs as you change the design, to check whether the proportions are right. 

    Keep going!
  • Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,458
    If you are intending a play on "Procrastination" keep the name ;-)
  • As i worked with this, i hade some more important assignments to do. But i kept procrastinating, therefore the name :)
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