Dropped small-caps parens

In Yannis Haralambous' Fonts and Encodings, he gives an example of an OpenType single adjustment positioning: 

It's pedagogically a very neat example of how GPOS and OT features work: you put a simple positioning rule inside a feature (smcp); turn on the feature and the parentheses drop down vertically.

But has this (or anything like it) been seen in fonts in the wild? Does it even make typographic sense?


  • I know a lot of people reposition* this stuff for the CASE feature, so why not here?

    *some even sub in alternate designs fit for each alphabet
  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 2,059
    edited December 2016
    What Alvaro said. The image in the OP is odd. Default parentheses usually centre vertically on the small caps, close to x-height centre, so the special case is <case>.
  • Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,457
    I prefer to create separate smaller and lower parens as part of <case> instead of repositioning.  To me the size also created a mismatch.
  • I tend to put the resized parentheses into C2SC, since mixed-case small caps would look weird with short parentheses:

    Pity this doesn't seem to work with Apple's typography panel. I can select «Lower Case > Small capitals» and «Upper Case > Small capitals», but the punctuation does not seem to be affected. But that's just one of many things that don't work as advertised with that typography panel (at least in Keynote).
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