Ghostlines Open Beta

Hi all,

Ghostlines has been kicking around for a while—it was mentioned here back in an older thread—but we're now a small team working on what will become a project management software for type design.

The high level goal is to ease the process of gathering feedback from your own mentors/peers/beta-testers as a process that's more closely tied into the drawing process.

Currently that means curating a list of subscribers, tied to a single UFO, and compiling/distributing the latest version in a single step inside of RoboFont. We're now considering ways to collect feedback directly, and what that process would entail. There is a blog post detailing our current feature-set and goals here: https://medium.com/@ghostlines_pm/what-is-ghostlines-bdd9536c8509#.53ugy85zd

We’re looking for a few more people to check it out. We'd like to see if what we’re building fits inside of your workflow and hear about what works and doesn’t work for you right now. If this project seems like something that would (eventually) be useful to you, there's an opportunity for you to shape the priorities of the product in this initial phase.

You can download the beta from our website, or install using Mechanic.

Happy to answer questions or feedback here, by email, or chat in real time through the widget on our homepage.



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    Any plans to support Glyphs files as well?
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    We'll be targeting RoboFont alone at the outset in order to be able to iterate more quickly. We're keeping track of how many requests we get from people who are using Glyphs to see if there's enough demand to either port the plugin to that platform, or build an editor-agnostic, native interface. Our assumption right now is that being embedded inside of an editor is a boon for getting the feedback loop closer to the drawing process, though we want to test that assumption before doubling down with multiple implementations/platforms.
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    ltwinkleltwinkle Posts: 2
    Hi Everyone,

    After some months of development Ghostlines 1.0 has launched. You can see our announcement post here on Medium: https://medium.com/@ghostlines_pm/ghostlines-goes-live-bc85e2588005#.1wegpvl1h

    One of the biggest upgrades is that reviewers can now leave comments in a web-based Type Tester, and those comments can appear in your RoboFont interface. 

    We've got a new website and a launch discount, too. https://ghostlines.pm.

    Let me know if you have any questions or feedback here or by email. 

    Thanks for checking us out.
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