Underware releases "Zeitung" family with Variable Font + Adobe CC plugin

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http://www.underware.nl/fonts/zeitung/features/Flex/ is interesting - a Adobe CC plugin to make Variable Fonts 'work today' :)

The http://www.underware.nl homepage is also great :)


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    EUR 750 :)

  • That’s some impressive marketing. I like that they’re able to make the case for both a silly display type gimmick and for something that solves real technical problems.
  • Nice. Nicer: uniwidth.
  • Looks really nice. Sorry if this sounds like a silly question, but would the extension and interface they have created work with any variable font or just the Flex ones?
  • The extension is specifically for a custom format they have created.

    (I don't know that they document this new custom format—has anybody seen such docs?)
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    To clarify my post above:
    I was referring to the typeface itself, and especially the first time I saw it, where it struck me how much better it would work if the widths didn't change:

    I admit uniwidth is a pet like of mine, but I don't see how anybody can deny its relevance to dynamic typography in general, and a "torch effect" in particular. I'd like to encourage Underware and anybody else working on variable fonts to take uniwidth to heart.
  • This is certainly a poster child for uniwidth weight variation having a use.

    If somebody wants to put both uniwidth and variable-width glyphs in their font, more power to them. But taking your weight variation axis and making it only uniwidth is a Really Bad utility-reducing idea.
  • @Thomas Phinney As I recently professed elsewhere a unwidth toggle is indeed the ideal. That said, it's only at extremes of weight that uniwidth does more harm than good (and for those I recommend what I call the "fixed-offset" strategy).
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    Did Underware release any docs detailing more about this unique Flex format in the end? I am curious how it varies to Var fonts.
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