Locl feature in MS Word

I was surprised to discover that the locl feature in MS Word got activated when I switched kerning on. Is this expected behaviour? I mean, I think it should be enabled independently of the kerning...


  • Belleve Invis
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    What's your font and Word version? You can send the data required to reproduce to someone in MS. I know one, sent via private message.
  • Adam Twardoch
    Activating kerning in Word in fact activates processing of default OpenType Layout features for simple scripts. The fact that kerning is disabled by default has to do with backwards layout compatibility concerns of ancient documents. The 'locl' feature is supposed to be transparent for the end-user and shouldn't be activated separately. The mere assignment of the text language should be sufficient. So the behavior is correct. 
  • Adam Jagosz
    Any other circumstances when OT might be disabled in a given paragraph in a docx document? The locl feature just stopped working for my font in Word (with kerning enabled) unless another OT feature is explicitly enabled.

    (((Yeah, why use Word if you are so fancy about fonts :smirk:)))
    (((Should I bug someone at MS about that instead of bothering you, dear folks?)))

  • SiDaniels
    Thanks, feedback passed on to the Word team.