WooCommerce and license multiples

WooCommerce users, how are you configuring license types and user multiples? Given the number of add-ons I assume tjat one could go down plenty of rabbit holes, and I’d rather not get lost in the wrong one.


  • Currently only selling desktop font licenses and defining the multi-user levels via variables from 1 to 100 users max as pre-calculated amounts, after that they must contact us.

    Otherwise, haven't started offering Web Font, eBook or App licenses there, they would likely need to be built as some sort of separate product that we could pass the font name into. How are you approaching adding these in WP James?
  • My plan is to use product variations with styles/packs and license type as attributes. I’m reviewing the bulk pricing extension to see if it can do discounting. And I need to see how much the inventory management extension can streamline the process.

    I’m taking notes as I go. Hopefully I can create a simple guide to starting a type shop with WooCommerce and the new sampler plugin Johannes is developing. 
  • I've also got a great WP guy if you want me to connect you two . . .
  • fwiw, we are now doing it this way – with variable products. It's a major hassle... 
  • I created another thread already about having a plugin that just multiplies the base price when adding to the cart. There's already an open source bulk pricing plugin, so we could just pay the author to add multiples. 
  • Product variations should be the way to go, but it's a pain in the ass. If you have too many variations, the CMS freezes.
  • I did find a slick plug-in that will automatically copy variations in bulk which is a great time saver, I just don't know how to do it on the fly which may be more unstable and why I've capped the limit to 100 End Users for desktop licenses.

    The real tricky part is when I decide to offer Web Font self-hosting kits, eBook licenses, etc. . . I don't know of a clean method or mechanism to do it.
  • The variations should be like selecting: weight, number of CPU for desktop license, views for webfont license, etc. but this huge amount of possibilities makes it rather complicated and so freezes the CMS. It works fine if you have a t-shirt to sell in just a couple of sizes and colours ;-)
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