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I might have to go back and see the fine print, but I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this. Usually I get the older rate of 65% royalties except with webfonts which are 50%. If someone does a larger seat license they get a discount and I get my percentage of that. Today for the first time I saw they now have a server rate. So my $59 font was licensed for 1 server with no specifications showing the number of users accessing it at $295. My royalty rate: 20%. I somehow do not remember MyFonts sending me any rate schedule where I would ever get that low.

Any thoughts or similar experiences with server rates?


  • I'd read the fine print in your webfonts agreement, they might have added something there. The old one just says they take a 35% commission for handling sales, nothing else. If they weren't specific about a 20% server rate somewhere else they probably owe you $135.75.

    Also, you'd think the number of users would still be important, eh?
  • Isn’t 20% what they pay for an OEM license?
  • pays 10% of OEM
  • This doesn't appear to be OEM use. Looks like standard print licensing only the font is added to a server. I suppose it's possible it is OEM without showing it in the sales report. Maybe they just don't have anything in place yet for reports indicating OEM.

    I wrote questioning it, but it's certainly not worth making a big stink about. Hopefully it is just OEM and all will be fine.
  • By default, MyFonts doesn't have any OEM licensing rights baked into their agreements, especially the old 65% rated ones.
  • Maybe I was thinking about Ascender’s agreement. It’s hard to keep track of them all sometimes.
  • They (MyFonts) sent me some sort of OEM agreement to sign early in the year, but they may have not implemented that throughout yet.
  • was it 20%?
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