Feedback for wordmark made by a web developer

Hi! I'm a web developer who happened to create a typeface for a wordmark and wanted to look for advice in typography forums.
I combined characters from 4 different fonts and used a few effects. I had access to a great collection of fonts from a graphic designer friend. I couldn't find a typeface with all the desirable features...
I've read that typefaces have a balance that need to be kept and it's not smart in graphic design to combine characters from different typefaces and distort them with effects.
I like the result but I don't know about the spacing (leading, kerning, tracking, baseline ratio), which was arranged by eye.
Your advice is very much appreciated! Do you recognize the used fonts?


  • George Thomas
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  • Craig Eliason
    /c/ looks like it has more contrast than the other letters. And since a bowled letter follows it, I don't think those "vertical" terminals are doing much good. I'd consider making terminals perpendicular to the direction of the stroke on that (and on the /e/ outstroke to match). 
    The accent looks too timid. /i/ tittle too, though less so. And maybe the /Q/ tail could have more oomph.
  • Marcos Sánchez
    Thank you Craig! A user from another typography forum recommended a font that it's exactly what I was after but with a custom "N":

    It's built with Madurai Bold and a same font size Sol Pro Bold "N" with vertical scale of 90%.

    What do you think?
  • Jasper de Waard
    The rounded ends of the N don't fit. What's wrong with Madurai's N? You've already mentioned it, but I'll repeat: it's just not wise to mix letters from different typefaces, unless you have the eye of a typedesigner, in which case you might as well make the whole thing custom.
  • Marcos Sánchez
    Thank you for your help. I will keep that in mind.