Emoji skin tone modifiers and flag codes

I'm working on a color emoji font. For the skin tone modifier system, should I add the skin tone variation glyphs as non-encoded alternates and substitute them in the calt table? For example: default happy face+darkest skin modifier glyph=happy face with darkest skin tone.

For flags, is it the same idea but calt substituting regional indicator symbols' two letter country codes for flag glyphs?

Are there any other substitutions I need to deal with other than flags and skin tones?


  • Why in calt? rlig or ccmp seem to fit better. 

    But generally, your doing right. 
  • I'm working on a color emoji font...
    Just curious: which colour format are you using?
  • Ray LarabieRay Larabie Posts: 1,335
    Why in calt?
    rlig didn't occur to me but it makes sense. ccmp seems like a better fit...I didn't think of that one.
    Just curious: which colour format are you using?
    Google CBDT/CBLC 

    It'll be mastered as layered TTFs so I can compile it into whatever format. I can decide on the Google format later...or any other formats that come up. It's a long term project so I have time to work on that aspect.
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