Unnamed Deco-esque Serif Display Type

Hi all,

This is my first post here. I live and work in San Francisco, CA. I'm a software engineer by trade, but a graphic designer by education, and I find type design dovetails between these two aspects of my personality nicely. Here's one I've been working on on and off. Curious to hear any thoughts you all might have as to how I could improve this thing!


  • Craig Eliason
    Set it in a bunch of words -- that allows better consideration of it than just looking at an alphabet. Then you can consider:
    - is it bothersome that the stripey part descends to different depths of different stems?
    - does the unthickened /O work near a /C which has a different treatment?
    - can you pull off that off-kilter /Y?
    A big question to me is does the jazzy deco elegance of the proportions meld well with the unconventional placement of thins in BDKMNOQRY? To me, /S says handsome, /M says naive, and /R is caught in the middle.
  • Simon Cozens
    Looks like some of your joins aren't accurate: both tops of the U overshoot the serif, and the decorations on the P extend too far to the right.

    The Y looks unbalanced as the thick line joins the stem but not the thin. How do other engraved-style fonts handle this construction?

    Can you show us some words too? That helps to establish spacing and proportion.
  • Eric Foster
    @Craig Eliason @Simon Cozens
    Both great pieces of feedback. I think some wordplay (heh) is in order.