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We, at Huerta Tipográfica, are happy to announce that our method and script for spacing fonts has been released at ATypI 2016 and available online at our Github repository to be used as a Glyphs macro. Thanks to Google for the support, thanks to all the contributors and testers, thanks to Glyphs​ (Georg and Erich) for announce its first public release at Warsaw. Andrés @andrestorresi is at Warsaw to discuss any ideas or questions about it. We look forward to hear from you and feel free to contribute to the project.

Take a look to the site to know more about it..
Example of area and depth


  • Exciting! Congratulations on the release, hope I can try it soon.
  • Hi, Andrés, I installed the script, I had made the file .py with the same name of the Glyphs file, I set the param in the 2 masters. I can run the script and runs ok but a I can't see the windows were I change the values. Could be a conflict with another script or i made something wrong?

    En español. Andrés, Soy Sergio de Córdoba, nos conocimos en la Espacialización en Buenos Aires. Acabo de instalar el script en la carpeta de scripts, nombre el archivo igual al de Glyphs y esta en la misma carpeta. Setee los valores en los dos masters que tengo, puedo correr el script y funciona pero no me muestra la ventana para cambiar los valores. ¿Que estoy haciendo mal?

  • For making it work with an UI it is necessary to set the value on the script
    window = True
    I duplicate the script file and change the menu title like
    #MenuTitle: HT LetterSpacer UI
    So then you have 2 versions, one to work with the customParameters and one to put the parameters on the fly.
    It is much better if you assign two different keyboard shortcuts to each script, and you can access them easily all the time.

    This explanation was lost on the documentation, we will update it in the next days and months.
  • This will be a plugin soon and this features should be more accessible.
  • Congratulations!!!!!!
  • Thanks a lot Andrés. Incredible job. 

  • Thanks!
  • I'm curious, has anyone tried using this tool on their own type project?
  • Coolangatta (see other thread) is spaced with HT Spacer plus a few adjustments.
  • I'm again curious, if anyone else is using this tool in their own type projects?
  • I’ve been meaning to, but since I use FontForge, I need to do a little bit of code refactoring to use it.
  • I use this tool on Cantarell and it has proven indispensable to me. It greatly accelerates  interating on spacing. All it needs is extra polish.
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