Yanone Speed Punk

In case you haven't seen it yet:

“Speed Punk is a tool for modern font editors such as Glyphs and RoboFont that will illustrate the amount of curvature of glyph outlines.”

Available via email at post at yanone dot de


  • Very cool, thanks for sharing.
  • I sent a message to the developer, but can anyone summarize for a newbie how this tool might be used during the design process? Is it a way to analyze/compare the smoothness of curves?
  • Speedy response! Here's a preliminary explanation from Yanone: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5752966/SpeedPunk.txt
  • More info in this video from Robothon 2012:

  • yanoneyanone Posts: 99
    Hi everyone,
    I enjoy selling software without an online shop :)
    Indeed I'll sell you Speed Punk by email, if you send $30 or 20€ to post at yanone dot de on PayPal.
    You'll receive the plugin for both Glyphs and RoboFont as well as voucher codes for my future online shop so you can register later to receive updates. At this point there are none, though.
  • Just received it from Jan and it works great. Can recommend it, and 20 € are a good investition.
  • @Yanone: Do you plan to release this tool for Fontlab?
  • yanoneyanone Posts: 99
    Why does this question keep on coming up? :)
    No, until FontLab magically matures from prehistoric to contemporary, there's no way Speed Punk will be ported. This is no side blow. It's simply technically not possible to subset one of the tools to draw these illustrations live.
  • I must be missing something. Tell me why I need this?
  • Thank you all for clearing this up for me.
  • Well, you don't strictly need it. It's just an analysis tool that amplifies and illuminates what is happening in your curves, particularly continuity at the junction of curve segments, making it easier to see where adjustments may be needed. It's a way of seeing if your curves are really as smooth as you think they are. Could save time--less squinting.
  • I like squinting.
  • Yanone,

    > until FontLab magically matures from prehistoric to contemporary, there's no way Speed Punk will be ported

    Right! No magic involved, just hard work (3 developers working on it since 2010). It's coming! :)

    Adam Twardoch
    Fontlab Ltd.
  • Thank you Adam.
  • yanoneyanone Posts: 99
    Hi everyone,

    almost three years after Robothon’12, where I first presented Speed Punk to the public, I stopped selling it »by email« and started selling it online instead.

    Please have a look at https://yanone.de/buy/ and point all potential users and students there.
    I offer student discount after account registration.

    Personal side note: I started the shop from scratch, written all in Python. Should you run into any trouble or inconsistencies, please let me know.

    A note to all previous buyers of Speed Punk, by email or through the CDs I sold on Robothon:
    You have received personalized voucher codes for the new online shop together with the plugins, one each for the versions for RoboFont and Glyphs.app.
    You may register at the shop and use these voucher codes to »purchase« the plugins for free, which will establish a proper customer relationship between us and will enable you to receive future updates for the software (make sure to keep that setting ticked upon registration).
    There are still no updates available at the moment, still 1.0. But a minor bug fix release for the Glyphs.app version might become necessary soon, after I have tried to convince Georg that the bug is on his side and that I followed his recommendations at the time ;)

    Next up: I need to make a video explaining Speed Punk.
    Thank you.
  • Congrats! Speed Punk is awesome.

    A feature request:
    Any chance to enable it to work on selected contours only?

    In complex glyphs, sometimes you want to apply SP to a group of selected contours only, instead of the whole glyph. As a workaround, I temporarily delete the part of the glyph I'm not interest in, apply SP to the part I want, and finally paste back the rest of the glyph.
    But it's not ideal, the copy/paste thing is messy.

    - If nothing is selected, use the whole glyph.
    - If some contours are selected, use only those and ignore the rest of the glyph.

  • yanoneyanone Posts: 99
    Yes, Pablo, this is probably the single most useful improvement and I have it on my mind for a long time already.
    Duly noted.

    I don't think I can address it before the summer. But at least one obstacle for making updates is off the list now, which is the mentioned shop with its update notification. Previously I didn't have the instrument yet to release updates to all the previous buyers.
  • yanoneyanone Posts: 99
    Because it has been asked:
    The update voucher codes you’ll find in a text file called Update.txt next to the plugin files.
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