Save the Chinese typewriter

Tom Mullaney, professor of Chinese history and History of Technology at Stanford University, has a kickstart project for organising a tour exhibition on Chinese typewriters.
In our often westernised view on type history and technology, initiatives like this one are really important.


  • Hin-Tak LeungHin-Tak Leung Posts: 359
    edited July 2016
    For an appeal to save what appeared to be substantially pre-1950 technology (i.e. pre-simplified Chinese), it is quite off-putting that it is written in simplified Chinese, and not in the written language it is about... The person appealing is not practicing what he is appealing for. :(

    It would be a bit more convincing if he uses the written language of the appropriate era, traditional Chinese, to write the appeal, instead of what he did.
  • Belleve InvisBelleve Invis Posts: 269
    edited July 2016
    The Chinese text is not native at all. 说明文字里的汉语一点都不地道呀。

    ps. Lin Yutang has made a Chinese typewriter with only 50 keys — He implemented an IME using pure machine movements.
  • Lin Yutang (passed away 1976, just looked it up) is a bit young in this context.
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