Berlin Type School Away-Days 2016


On the 29th and 30th of July 2016, the Berlin University of the Arts’ UdK TypoLabor will host the first Berlin Type School Away-Days. This is a free typography & type design festival for UdK design students – and professional designers, too. There is no admission fee, and no corporate sponsors. The schedule is online now and will still grow a bit over the next few weeks, as morning workshops will be added too. The festival is open to the public, some talks will be in English, others in German.

Speakers include Bianca Berning, Stephen Coles and Florian Hardwig, Catherine Dixon, Lisa Fischbach, Martina Flor, Sven Fuchs, Matthias Gieselmann, Ralf de Jong, Anita Kühnel, Sol Matas, Alisa Nowak, Florian Schick, Lukas Schneider, and Ludwig Übele.